Fresh bread, a salad from the vegetable garden, a drink from the refrigirator in the Bodega, a nice stroll, just doing nothing for a while, a tour around the farm and at evening, you can join us at the dinner table, overseeing the fields, underneath a beautiful starry sky: This is "Le Domaine Vert"; from pure simplicity to pure French enjoyment!
There are even more pictures of Le Domaine Vert on our Picasa Webalbum. If you would like to add some of your own pictures, please contact us.

  • A beautiful and peaceful scenery

  • Our farm and stables

  • Our farmhouse

  • Camping with lots of space

  • Find yourself a nice plot for your tent or camper

  • Having dinner on the courtyard

  • The traditional kitchen

  • You can have dinner with us on any evening of the week ...

  • The cupboard beds inside the old stable

  • We have our own vegetable garden and farm animals

  • Our garden and wild flowers

  • All sorts of wildlife visits the 'domaine vert', Roe deer, birds, and butterflies ...

  • Do some hiking or just settle down in the grass ...